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Locknut is a fixing ring or a shunting ring generally provided with an internal thread , that it is presented in various forms, depending on the use to which it is destined.

Depending on their use are defined locknuts for shafts or locknuts for the extraction.

They are used to anchor the bearings on shafts and other components , as well as to facilitate the mounting and dismounting of  bearings on withdrawal sleeves or on the conical seats .

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Locknuts are formed by:

  1. ring with internal thread
  2. on the outer wall of the crown are present a series of notches , which may be of various types, the most common are :
  • theet which it is used for clamping by means of the special spanner at tooth or at hook
  • knurled characterized by a process that allows at the user to increase the level of grip of the hands

Locknuts have four or eight equally spaced notches along the outer circumference for the use of spanner in the field with square nib or percussion. Locknuts are used to fix mechanical elements in order to increase the safety or to obtain a certain level of precision / mechanic play , as manoeuvring element, indicating or just an aesthetic element.

It can be found in the hubs of shafts , in fitted element or to stop the ball bearings in position.

Locknuts , that ITS Italia  provides,  have five different ways of locking on the shaft.

  • Set Screws : around the circumference of the locknuts are arranged three equally spaced set screws. They are arranged with their axis inclined with respect to that of the shaft and they are pressed against the shaft thread by pressure screws. Set screws, in addition to stop the locknuts, they can also bind perpendicularly to the shaft precisely. Set screws are used with locknuts belong to the series KMT and KMTA.
  • Retaining clips : retaining clips are attached to the locknut by means of a screw which engages in a notch of the ring and into a groove on the shaft. Retaining clips in question are used with locknuts in the HM 30 and 31 series .
  • Security washers MB : security washers are simple, stable and reliable locking elements. Security washers are included into a shaft groove and stop the locknut in position , folding one of the wing in one of the notches on the circumference of the locknut. Security washers are used with locknuts belong to the series KM.