ITS Italia is a young company that has achieved rapid success in the market thanks to the experience of its staff and direct collaboration with the productive sectors.

The goal that arises is to be able to guarantee a quality product, which allows to work in total safety, reducing maintenance costs and maintaining high production levels.

The tailor-made solutions are one of the strengths of ITS Italia which, through the study of special components, know meet any particular customer need.

The large warehouse allows you to quickly respond to customer requests with punctuality and precision.

For years, the mission of ITS Italia is to earn the trust of its customers by showing on the field every day to its seriousness, competence and reliability.

In 2016 ITS Italia expands its operations directly on the territory of China by opening an office in Shanghai.

With this new business unit, directly managed by Italian staff, supervision of production sites and contacts with suppliers take place in real time and in person.

The search for the most efficient factories, control of product quality, the search for better solutions to provide the best price / quality ratio reach a higher level.

In the end, our office in Shangahi allows us to get fast, accurate answers needed to meet the urgent demands of our customers.

Boris Menin
Technical and Administration Manager

Pierluigi Scavezzon
Commercial Manager

Alexandru Cus
Technical sales

Enzo Disconzi
Technical Sales

Alberto Nardi
Office Manager in Shanghai

Alberto Cecchin
Purchase Manager

Morena Salvadego
Customers Orders Management

Giovanni Lacquaniti
Sales Management

Chiara Zambon
Marketing and foreign sales Manager

Raffaele Gazzola
Quality manager

Jacopo Bonechi
Quality manager in Shanghai

Daniel Avezzù
Logistic Manager

Mirko Bessega
Warehouse worker